1. You were wrong.

You were right.

  1. It isn’t fine.

I wasn’t really washing my hair.

I wish I was washing my hair right now.

I’m not interested.

  1. I love you.

I really dislike you.

I am not actually in a rush; I just don’t want to talk to you.

  1. Yes, you are annoying.

No, those people don’t like you.

  1. You make me feel uncomfortable.

You made them feel uncomfortable.

You just are useless at this social interaction thing.

  1. Your essay sucks.

Your essay is better than mine.

Your essay is worse than mine but we got the same mark.

  1. I don’t really find you attractive anymore.

I never really found you attractive.

You are attractive but your personality stinks.

  1. I was actually trying really hard to look cool.

I tried really hard to fail at cool.

I was too tired to try.

  1. Actually, I would rather stay in with a good book than come and hang out with you.

But mostly, I can never tell you…

  1. No.

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