I was born in a small village in South Wales and for a short while worked as a Molecular Biologist. After falling asleep on a microscope, an incident that left me with red rings around my eyes for days, I realised that this career was not for me.

I turned to my true love — writing —working three jobs whilst studying to complete my Masters. My favourite job was in a traditional sweet shop because Sundays were quiet and I could write under the counter whilst sucking a sherbet lemon. Now I freelance for companies all over the country from my tiny cottage in South Wales and my days consist of copywriting and social media marketing.

I also work with writers to help them develop their author brand and social media presence. I reserve the night-time for make-believe worlds and gathering inspiration for my stories.

I have just finished my first novel, LIKE, which is about a young woman called Erica who unceremoniously breaks up with her boyfriend over breakfast, gets addicted to social media and starts lying to everyone. When the lies creep out of her social feed into her real life, Erica has to make a decision.