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I come from a small village in South Wales. I’ve moved around a bit, but somehow, I always end up back here.

I completed my Masters in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. Although I finished my first novel a while after, it sat in a drawer because it was definitely a practice novel. I might go back to it one day. 

Now I am into writing about Wales, and witches, and things that go bump in the mountains. Cwn Annwn, The Fair Folk, Dragons and spirits. You’ll find them all in The Mountain Runners. 

I spend my free time riding my horse, Bumblebee, running in the forests around my house and adding new books to my library.

What I’m working on…

The Mountain Runners

The Mountain Runners is the first book in a planned fantasy trilogy set in the South Wales valleys, which is loosely inspired by the structure of the first three branches of the Mabinogi. The trilogy follows an educated young witch, Anwen Morgan, as she attempts to find a lost Welsh book which contains a cure for her mother’s curse.

When Anwen joins a court, not all is as it seems. For the magic in Wales is returning, and with the extra power of the court on her side, Anwen must decide who to trust and who to betray if she is to survive. 


There was a complex spell here, a searching spell, but also a banishing. A spell against witches.

– The mountain runners

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