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Category: words of the week

words of the week – grief

I have had, let’s say a bad week, and as a result plan on hibernating for the rest of this month, saving up some moneys, reading all the books and finishing the first season of Outlander.

This week I have chosen words relating to grief.

The first word is

Bewail -to express great regret, sadness, or disappointment about (something)

The second word is

Dolour -a state of great sorrow or distress.

The third word is

Dirge – a lament for the dead, especially one forming part of a funeral rite.

Dirge – a mournful song, piece of music, or sound.

Dirge – a song or piece of music that is considered too slow, miserable, or boring.

I am not explaining my choice this week. But I like these words and feel they are appropriate.

words of the week – refocusing

A weekly feature where I present three weird and wonderful words on a particular theme or time of year.

This week I am refocusing on my goals and restructuring my priorities, so our first word is

Rue – Bitterly regret (something one has done or allowed to happen) and wish it undone.

What better time to refocus on your goals than when you rue an impetuous decision?

Actuate – make (someone) act in a particular way.

New focus and outlook on life can be actuated by rue.

and finally

Stalwart – marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind, or spirit.

One would hope that a person actuated towards new goals by rue would be stalwart in their outlook upon their new adventures.


words of the week – birthday special

This week it is my 25th birthday so we are going with words that are celebratory in nature.

Jollification – an enjoyable activity or celebration.

I will be hosting a jollification on my birthday for all of my friends.

Conviviality – the quality of being friendly and lively

I will be full of conviviality at my birthday jollification.

and finally

mumpsimus – a traditional custom or notion that is adhered to even though it has been shown to be unreasonable

as in we still celebrate birthdays even though age is a figment of our society and we only celebrate them on this day because we have a 365 day calendar. But I’m not a cynic. So I will be convivial at the societal expected jollification.

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