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words of the week – grief

I have had, let’s say a bad week, and as a result plan on hibernating for the rest of this month, saving up some moneys, reading all the books and finishing the first season of Outlander. This week I have chosen words relating to grief.

Picture of a road focusing on the journey ahead

words of the week – refocusing

A weekly feature where I present three weird and wonderful words on a particular theme or time of year. This week I am refocusing on my goals and restructuring my priorities, so our first word is Rue – Bitterly regret (something one has done or

words of the week – birthday special

This week it is my 25th birthday so we are going with words that are celebratory in nature. Jollification – an enjoyable activity or celebration. I will be hosting a jollification on my birthday for all of my friends. Conviviality – the quality of being