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how i find inspiration for stories using the double diamond method

The Double Diamond design process model was developed through in house research by the Design Council in 2005 as a simple way of describing the design process. It is a structured design approach to tackle challenges in four phases, Discovery, Definition, Development and Delivery. This

finding a good writing group – five questions to ask

Writing groups can be really great, or really really awful! I should know, I have belonged to several that fit into these categories! One of them kickstarted my writing career and was amazing for me at that stage, another only had one meeting before the

show, don’t tell? sometimes not …

Show, don’t tell? Well…yes. Sometimes, some people really do need this advice. And sometimes it is received well.  But also, no. Because most of the time I see this advice, it is misplaced. In my opinion, ‘show, don’t tell’ is the laziest advice anyone can