This week’s effort for poetry 101 Rehab hosted over at Andy Townend. I am not sure where this poem came from, something about the prompt spoke to me and this came out without thinking about it too much. Hope you like it, leave me a link to your poem below!


The smoke

The smoke from the engine,

Rose in rivulets and,

Fleeted around the room,

Before escaping out the window,

Taking with it, my thoughts,

My worries,

My cares,

My heartache,

My ambitions,

My goals,

My aspirations,

My dreams,

My life.

I blinked back the stinging tears before they too went out the window.

I grabbed at the runaways but they darted around the smoke,

Spiralling, spinning out of reach.

They surrounded me

Suffocated me,

But I took a deep breath to let them all in.

They sit with the smoke,

Festering, heavy on my chest,

I go about my life,

Glad that they are there.

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