After a week’s hiatus from Poetry 101 Rehab, hosted over at Andy Townend, I am back! When I saw this week’s theme I knew I already had the perfect poem, which is good as my brain just isn’t functioning at the moment. This poem is called Consciousness, and it is all about the moments!

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When you focus on one drop in a stream
The stop and then the blur.
When you depart a literary world,
And remember who you were.

When the single tree is no longer bare,
But the landscape isn’t green.
When you are silent in a busy place,
And people pervade the scene.

When you look out of a travelling train
To see the single flower.
When you realise you are completely soaked,
And can enjoy a summer shower.

The first bite into an apple
as sweetness floods your tongue,
When you watch someone you love,
And notice they are not so young.

When someone helps you with a mundane task,
The heaviness behind your eyes.
The moment after she walks in,
Before you shout surprise.

Although life is always moving,
In these seconds I understand,
It’s not about time as a whole,
But the
of sand.

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