Wow, isn’t 2018 flying by?

So we are in June. And all I can see is my blog looking shockingly empty.

I have a good excuse, I swear! I have spent the first part of this year finishing my novel, LIKE, and hopefully, by the end of this month, I will have a complete first draft ready to edit.

“But Eleanor,” I hear you cry, “didn’t you already finish LIKE?”

Well yeah, I did, but after sending it to a few good friends and a few honest agents, I realised there were major issues with my plot (mainly, nothing much happened in the second half) and characters (mainly, the only interesting one was my main one).

It happens to us all. Although LIKE is not the first book I have written, it is the first literary book I have ever attempted, and also I was drawn into the whole, artsy, it’s okay not to plan or plot milieu. Which may work for some people, but definitely didn’t for me. At least for this book.

So I spent the first four months of this year embedding myself in theory and my characters, and now have a novel where something actually happens. Revolutionary, I know.


Reaching this stage was only possible by switching off the social media and getting lost in my own thoughts, but now, I am ready to hit the real world again with a vengeance!

What else have I been up to?

At the beginning of this year, I quit my job to start freelancing full time, which was a big change! I am really enjoying the challenge of being my own boss.

The best thing about this change is it has allowed me to have loads of adventures such as moving home to Wales and learning loads of outdoor skills. I have even more planned for this summer, including walking the entire Beacons Way and volunteering at the Green Man festival.

So if anyone you know is looking for a content writer for their business, hit me up! You can find my business website and contact info here. I also release content and marketing specific posts on the blog there every week so if you are interested in that please do check it out.

What’s coming up?

So, a few posts coming up on this blog –

  • What’s up with Twitter these days? Making the most of the platform in 2018.
  • Pretty up your Instagram feed with tips for those who are better with words than white-balance.
  • Is Facebook as dead as everyone keeps telling you it is?

Also, there will be lots pretty pictures of Wales and much talk about what’s new in the industry.

2018 for the win! (Pleeease?!)

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