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couldn’t – poetry 101 rehab

I went to an open mic tonight that was really difficult, a room full of people all talking, and all I could think was…I can’t do it. But I did. And people stopped talking and started listening. Pretty tired now, but here is my attempt

something to care about

This is an older poem that is technically more of a performance poem, but I cannot think of any poetry nights that I go to where this would go down well!! I might do a video one day and post it here as well, but

the storm

The water races through the rocks, As grasses twist around the storm, Plants bend their backs in window box, Inside my house the fire’s warm. As grasses twist around the storm, Struggle against the potent wind. Inside my house the fire’s warm, Though the lights

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partitions – poetry 101 rehab

This is my first ever try at Poetry 101 Rehab, hosted over at Andy Townend. A little rusty as I am not used to writing from prompts, but hopefully I will get into it! Partitions See this line on the floor little sister? This is

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listening on trains

I hear the woman two seats behind talking on her phone. Trying to ignore the fact that she is alone. I hear the sighs of the man next to me, Showing his dissatisfaction in the phone call, But she will never hear, her phone acting