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Tag: Poetry 101 Rehab

couldn’t – poetry 101 rehab

I went to an open mic tonight that was really difficult, a room full of people all talking, and all I could think was…I can’t do it. But I did. And people stopped talking and started listening. Pretty tired now, but here is my attempt for this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab hosted over at Andy Townend.


I cannot. I can’t.
I shall not. I shan’t.
I could not. I couldn’t.
I should not. I shouldn’t.

I will try.

I smile. I do friendly face. I get up.
I try. I do it. I sit down.
I did it.
I couldn’t do it, but I did it.

partitions – poetry 101 rehab

This is my first ever try at Poetry 101 Rehab, hosted over at Andy Townend. A little rusty as I am not used to writing from prompts, but hopefully I will get into it!


See this line on the floor little sister?

This is my side and that one is yours.

You know that I love you of course,

But we need our own space.

I will keep this part tidy,

You keep that part tidy.


See this line on our desk, weirdo?

This is my side and that one is yours.

You know I don’t really hate you of course,

But I can’t be seen talking to you.

You stay on your side of the table

And I will, for one class, ignore the label.


See this line on my CV?

It means I am clever, and you are not.

I know you got an unfair life lot,

But we all have to conform, slot in.

You pretend to stay away from me,

And I will meet you under the oak tree,


See this line on the invitation honey?

It invites just you, no plus one.

She just won’t really fit in at the party.

It is for her own good.

Look, come to this one party alone,

And tomorrow invite her for dinner at home.


See this line on the map?

It means this is my country and that is yours.

I know you are suffering from hunger and wars,

But we just can’t take any more people.

You stay on your side of the boundary,

And mine will send food and supplies.


See this line in the city?

This side’s for my people, and that side’s for yours.

I know your side doesn’t have the same money,

But my side worked harder and earned it.

You sleep and eat in your section,

And we will pay you for our waste collection.


See this line in the legislation?

It means I can do that and you can’t.

I don’t care how much you rant and shout,

There is nothing I can do about it.

You follow your laws,

I will follow mine, then we all have our place.


See this line in history my child?

It started from simple partitions.

Superstition that one is better than another.

We forgot that we are all sisters and brothers.

They thought some people better,

And the others inferior.

Do you think that was okay?

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