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Category: Digital Dating

taffy is the new dating app that prioritises conversations over selfie skills

Taffy is a dating and friending mobile app that connects users to people around them, with one unique twist: profile pics are blurry until you start a conversation.
The graphic for the dating app Taffy, showing how the blurry images look with their catchy headlines.

The chat-first app lets you scroll through profiles with blurry pictures and catchy headlines. Images slowly reveal through actively chatting with a person. The more you say, the more you see.

An example of a chat where the image of the other user is slowly becoming clearer.
It currently takes ten chat exchanges to mutually reveal users’ selfies, but Taffy says their proprietary algorithm will soon account for the quality of the conversation.
There are six categories to choose from so you can decide whether you want to meet the love of your life, just a hookup, or are looking to make friends. You can even choose the category advice because asking advice from strangers on the internet is always a good idea.
The categories you can choose form in the dating app Taffy, which are, Love, Friends, Hookup, Advice, Chat and Whatever
Taffy is free and currently available for iOS, but the company plans to release a version for Android soon.
Is this a fantastic idea or really creepy and weird? Let me know in the comments below! Personally, I think this is great and would love to try it when it hits the UK.

wait, what is kittenfishing? another online dating term we all have to be scared of. apparently.

So we’ve all heard of catfishing, right? Where a person pretends to be a totally different person on online dating websites and apps?

Well now, we have kittenfishing, because catfishing is judged as too harsh for those that only lie a little bit.

Kittenfishing is when you shave a few years off your real age or a few pounds off your profile photos in order to look more attractive.

Gotta be honest, I thought everyone did that? Why is Vogue allowed to use a bit of airbrushing but we can’t hide our double chins? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Apparently, it becomes kittenfishing when you look noticeably different when you turn up for your date. So now men don’t have to be accused of being shallow, they can just blame it on the woman kittenfishing …

you could always let the beebs set you up with a nice country boyfriend…

The BBC’s latest dating program, Love in the Countryside, will chronicle the love lives of eight country singletons. If you are looking for love out where the air is sweet and the grass is green, you could apply to date one of these lovely singles…

Rather than all the applicants being paired up with each other, you can apply to date one of eight rural singles. There are four men looking for women, three women looking for men and a man looking for a man. Because in the beebs eyes, this is a fair representation of the UK’s dating scene …

Love in the countryside will air on BBC2 and will be hosted by Sara Cox. BBC Two controller Patrick Holland said the show would be “really warm-hearted”.

this agency gives employees reimbursement for dating…

Alongside the traditional benefits Ideas X Machina in the Philipines provides for their staff, they also provide ‘love life’ benefits.

These include time off to recover from a breakup, subsidised eHarmony and Tinder accounts for staff, reimbursed date expenses up to six times a year and even shouldering the cost of employees wedding reception.

Their rationale is that dating encourages creativity by inspiring and motivating employees.

Yeah, I don’t see this coming t the UK anytime soon!

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